Conscious Jewelry

You can heal yourself

Healing starts from within

Conscious Jewelry collection is a collaboration with hypnotherapist Qintari Aninditha with the aim to promote mindfulness in every moment and to conquer anxiety through the conscious elimination of undesired habits. Inspired by the abacus and mala prayer beads, each jewelry consists of 5 beads, the number 5 here has been scientifically proven to awaken your prefrontal cortex and push yourself in a new direction away from an anxious situation. A multi-functional tool for individuals with a tendency to bite and pick on fingers in a distressing situation. Made from 100% sustainable recycled 925 Sterling Silver. 

About our collaborator

Qintari Aninditha

Qintari is an ancient soul trapped in a modern body. She is first and foremost a mother, a mental health advocate, educator and a woman on her own journey of spiritual growth. Through her platform Menatar Bawah Sadar she has has helped thousands improve their lives, relationships and overcome self limitations. Her mission today is to awaken others to the wisdom that lives within and to live to their highest truths.

Our Company Philosophy