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Town Talk Brilliant Gold Polishing Cloth

Town Talk Brilliant Gold Polishing Cloth


First founded in 1895, Town Talk Polish has 126 years of history.

Used carefully, this brilliant Gold Polishing Cloth bring out the true wonder of pure gold jewelry. We also carry the mini version! Their delicate quality ensures a deep sheen and lasting protection. And they remain effective, so long as they're not washed. 

✧ Suitable for Real Gold jewelry
 Ready to ship item
Size: 12.5cm x 17.5cm
 From Town Talk Polish Company (UK)

Keep in mind that durability really depends on each person’s body chemistry (sweat and grease).

To ensure tip-top shine at all times, we recommend to remove your pieces before showering, swimming, exercising or when washing the dishes.

Maintain the shine of your jewelry with The World’s Best Ever Polish Cloth or when all else fails, don’t worry, you can always send it back to us for a professional Recoat & Maintenance service.

Remember, with jewelry it’s last in, first out. Enjoy & don’t forget to make happy memories in them.

All LOULOUROSE bijoux are proudly #madeinmedan in our humble workshop by third generation jewelry artisans.

Sustainable business practice is very important to us. As of 2017, we commit to only using recycled precious metals. Using recycled precious metals will cut carbon emissions by two thirds for silver and more than 99% for gold. One of the key benefits to the environment is the considerable reduction in water use as a result of less mining.

We strive to to offer fine jewelry without the high environmental and ethical costs. That’s why we only work with 100% recycled gold, reclaimed from previously owned jewelry pieces and electronic waste.

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Town Talk Brilliant Gold Polishing Cloth
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