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Friendship Bracelets for only IDR 111.000!

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Zodiac String Bracelet

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Pure & sustainable materials

As a small brand with big dreams, it is our mission to continuously improve our processes: always opting for more sustainable methods. We commit to only using recycled precious metals. Read our Sustainability Report.

Handcrafted with sensibility in

Our Jewelry Studio

By Third Generation Jewelry Artisans


Get a Mystery Box

Love surprises? (Yup, us too.) Grab one of our Mystery Jewelry Boxes, and we’ll send you a super-special, super secret jewelry fresh off our studio with a sweet pricetag.

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Greeting Card

Our collection of greeting cards offer a beautiful way to share the love and show your appreciation to your dearest. Let our in-house calligrapher write on your behalf and we’ll ship it for you.

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