Discover your new hobby

Making jewelry and being creative has often been described as calming and healing. We aim to help give you the space to experience a state of creative flow, quench your jewelry making curiosity β€” enhance your flow state all in the comforts of your own home. Design and create your own ring, pendant or earrings with ease. Everything you need, in one kit.

Now you can create your very own rings in the comfort of your own home with our Jewelry Toolkit. All the tools and instructions you need are provided inside the toolkit pouch.

only IDR 289.000

Once you have finished sculpting your ring design on the wax provided, ship your wax creation back to us and we'll have it casted in the material of your choice in less than 2 weeks!

from IDR 899.000

What Can You Make?

6000 years old process made simple

Lost Wax Casting

Our expert craftsmen use the lost wax casting process to transform your wax creations into solid precious metal jewelry pieces β€” hand finished by in our studio to your exact specification.

Every wax that we receive goes through a carefully choreographed production process passing through many hands, each with years worth of experience in gold and silversmithing.

Step One

First, create some simple sketches for your ring at the back of this paper. Using the files, sandpapers and candle provided, you can shape the wax ring blank into your chosen design.

Step Two

Wax modeling and lost wax casting have been used for thousands of years to create jewelry. Take your time, don’t need to rush the creative process.

Step Three

Once you are done measure your ring size with the ring sizer provided, then send your wax creation back to us with the return shipping sticker provided. Lost wax casting and polishing takes around 2 weeks.

Ready to unleash your creativity?