Features You'll Love

Bright paper to welcome your thoughts and express yourself with an effortless experience. Inspiration always comes as a surprise - put it down in your notebook in the form of sketch or writing.

Super-compact designed for your everyday carry, fits in your bag comfortably. Bring it everywhere you go and for you never know when the next big idea might come to you.

A discreet back pocket to store sticker sheets, cards and random little things that you cannot quite throw away. It is always a pleasant surprise to rediscover the items after some time.


Carta & Co.

Started in 2019, CARTA & Co. is a passion project created by two good friends from school who share a love for all things paper: one a calligrapher and the other a book binder. Their mission is to create humble notebooks to encourage everyone to pick up the pen and rediscover the joys in expressing on blank paper.