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Our Collaborators

With us, it's always personal. We love finding meaning and creating stories through jewelry. Lucky for us we have always found like-minded creators as collaborators in designing truly unique jewelry with us. Each collaborator have infused their own style and story into the collaboration and for that we invite you to explore these creations.

Our Collaborators

Hangeun 행운

Created together with our good friend and collaborator Tiffany Fani of HAENGUN 행운 1st Korean Personal Color & Modeling Studio, this unique friendship bracelet is a part of a four leaf clover symbolizing hope, luck, love and faith. Engrave your special friend group name on the clover, whether together or apart the bond of friendship will grow even stronger.

Ivy and Palette

Designed and illustrated by our very own illustrator Silvya of Ivy and Palette as a tribute to her parents' love story. At the height of the pandemic, Silvya lost both of her parents, first her mother and then her father. The Heart to Heart bracelets are dedicated to their bond of love, two hearts that cannot live without each other.

Qintari Aninditha

A collection of multi-functional tool for individuals with a tendency to bite and pick on fingers in a distressing situation. Designed in collaboration with acclaimed hypnotherapist Qintari Aninditha with the aim to promote mindfulness in every moment and to conquer anxiety through the conscious elimination of undesired habits.

Gengoya Club 言語屋

With the rise of electronic signature, the existence of Hanko is now being questioned whether it will suit the modern lifestyle. As a response to this topic, Gengoya Club 言語屋 collaborated with Loulourose to create a mini version as a tribute to the Hanko in the shape of a silver necklace. Much like the original, it can be customized with the text of your choice. 

Jeane Halim

Twelve species turned up at the start line: a pig, dog, rooster, monkey, sheep, horse, snake, dragon, rabbit, tiger, ox and rat for the greatest race organized by the Jade emperor. Here we pay tribute to Chinese Zodiac story, reimagined through the eyes of then 6 years old animal lover, vegetarian and illustrator Jeane Halim.

Letter by Betty

Your name is the sweetest sound you'll hear, a beautiful prayer bestowed upon you by your parents, what better way to honor it than to wear it proudly near your heart. Together with Letter By Betty, we will craft the most unique and personal calligraphy jewelry for you and your loved ones that will become an instant heirloom to cherish forever.

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