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What's in a name?

The most beautiful sound a person can hear in a lifetime is his or her name. It is a prayer bestowed upon the child by the parents. No matter what language, what temper, No matter how feeble, no matter how loud, may it be in an echo or it being etched in a collage , doesn’t matter if it is said in a language or in an accent, no dialect, no borders, no distances, no forms will make you miss the sound of your own name being used in this world. What better way to pay tribute by wearing your beautiful name to wear close to your heart.


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About our collaborator

Betty Lorensia

What started as a hobby turned into a serious passion, Betty’s journey into calligraphy is an organic one.  In 2017 she decided to follow her childhood instincts, translated her passion for art and calligraphy into a commercial venture and never looked back. A self-taught calligrapher, Betty has taught countless workshop for students in all ages to introduce the art of modern calligraphy both with brush and dip pen. Few of her works has been use for events and commercial purpose such as invitation card, topper, signage, souvenirs and others. Betty currently resides in Medan with her husband and two daughters in their tropical urban forest home.

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