Tarot, astrology, and life path numbers make up the trifecta of cosmic guidance. Picture this: thousands of years ago, people were already getting into this whole numerology thing. It's basically an ancient science(-ish). Like, it's been around forever! And get this - it's not just one-size-fits-all; there are all these different branches and origins across different times, cultures, and continents. Makes you wonder, right? There's gotta be something to it!

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Now, when we talk about numerology today, the Western version is the trendiest kid in class. And guess who started it all? None other than Pythagoras - yep, the triangle guy! He cooked up this whole system over 2,500 years ago. But that's not the only game in town. You've also got the Chaldean system, which dates back to ancient Babylon. Plus, there's Kabbalah numerology, Chinese numerology, Tamil numerology - you name it! But for now, let's stick to the Western vibes.

How does Numerology work?

Numerologists think each number has its own vibe that affects everything around it. Like, think of it as each number having its own little energy, you know? And when you crunch those big numbers down, you end up with these smaller, single-digit (or sometimes double-digit) numbers that pack a punch all on their own. Your name and birth date? They've got their own special vibes too, giving insight into your personality, strengths, and where life might take you.

How do I know what my Life Path Number is?

So here's the deal: your Life Path Number is figured out by adding up all the digits in your birth date and then breaking it down to just one single digit. For example,

23 - 12 - 1993

The date: 2 + 3 = 5

The month: 1 + 2 = 3

The year: 1 + 9 + 9 + 3 = 22, because it is a double digit, we will reduce it one more time to 2 + 2 = 4


Then add it all together, 5 + 3 + 4 = 12, 1 + 2 = 3

In your case, your Life Path Number ends up being 3.

Now, here's the scoop: if you end up with 11 or 22, you don't reduce them further 'cause they're what we call Master Numbers. These babies pack a punch, symbolizing heightened versions of their root numbers. Think of them as having superpowers—they come with more potential for greatness but also bring along some extra challenges. We'll dive deeper into that in just a bit!

Easy peasy, right?

What the numbers mean


People with this number tend to naturally step up into leadership roles. They're all about being independent, original, and achieving stuff. They're strong and not scared to take risks. Number ones are really good at starting things off, taking charge, and going after their own freedom. They've got this strong determination, ready to face anything that comes their way.

When you mix ambition, creativity, determination, and that natural leadership instinct, you get someone who's just a natural leader. They're like the ones who start things, come up with new stuff, and make things happen.

On the bright side, when these folks are feeling confident and get the chance to lead and be themselves, they do great. But, when they're feeling unsure of themselves, or held back, or ignored, that's when things get tough. Their energy gets all bottled up and can make things worse. They start feeling insecure, held back, or like nobody's listening to them.


This number is all about being sensitive, supportive, diplomatic, patient, cooperative, and detail-oriented. Number twos are intuitive, kind-hearted, understanding, and they're really good at managing and mediating. So, people with this number might be more driven by their feelings and excel at building relationships. Life Path Number 2 is like a peacemaker who knows what others need and feel, so they've got a knack for diplomacy and tactful communication.

They're patient individuals who can work well with others, bringing harmony even amidst differing opinions. They might also enjoy music, art, and environments that are peaceful and harmonious.

However, when folks with this Life Path Number are emotionally mature and given space to promote peace and harmony in their surroundings, they shine. But, when they're emotionally wounded, ignored, stuck in conflicts, or not contributing, that's when things get tough. Their energy gets all bottled up and can turn destructive. They start feeling emotionally hurt, sidelined, or like they're not making a difference.

Number three folks are all about communication and spreading joy. They're described as joyful, artistic, friendly, cheerful, enthusiastic, and charming. They're like old souls, you know, they dig harmony, peace, comfort, art, making contributions, helping out, and creating supportive vibes. They're laid-back, enjoying life to the fullest, making the most out of every moment. The energy of this number is great at livening up the atmosphere, enjoying crowds, and socializing.

When people with this Life Path Number are relaxed, expressive, and tapping into their creativity, they really shine. But, when they're feeling pessimistic, fearful, rigid, passive, or closed off, that's when things go south. Their energy gets stifled and can turn destructive. They start feeling down, scared, stuck, or like they need to play it safe and shut themselves off.


Number four is considered the most reliable number. They're incredibly loyal, hardworking, practical, and precise. Other notable traits of number four include honesty and meticulousness. They seek security and stability, valuing their home, family, and friends. Fours often face more difficulties in the early stages of life, but they take responsibility, managing their own lives and others' with ease.

When people with this Life Path Number are focused, decisive, disciplined, and efficient, their energy shines. But, when they're feeling lazy, unfocused, too relaxed, pampered, or unwilling to pay attention to details, that's when things go south. Their energy gets stifled and can turn destructive. They start feeling unmotivated, scattered, overly laid-back, spoiled, or unwilling to focus on the specifics.


Five is the number of freedom, sociability, and a love for change and adventure. They're a blend of freedom-loving, curious, and versatile traits, making people with this Life Path Number adventurous souls who enjoy trying new things and engaging in various activities, but they dislike feeling tied down or controlled. They have a strong sense of curiosity to explore different experiences.

When individuals with this Life Path Number are given space to adventure and try new things, their energy thrives. However, when they're feeling lethargic, uninspired, unwilling to "step out" and try new things, that's when things take a turn for the worse. Their energy gets stifled and can become destructive. They start feeling apathetic, lacking passion, resistant to change, and unwilling to try new experiences.


People with the number six have a knack for soothing others. They enjoy uplifting, sharing, giving advice, and they hold family in high regard. They're deeply respected and make great friends. Sixes are known for their compassion towards others, caring for the weak and the needy, being nurturing caregivers. They have the ability to make those in need feel comfortable and are responsible for helping those who are hurt by others. Despite bearing burdens that aren't their own, their love for others helps them overcome these challenges, with great rewards awaiting.

When individuals with this Life Path Number are given the opportunity to contribute and actualize their compassion, their energy shines. However, when they're filled with fear, selfishness, indifference, jealousy, or unwillingness to share, that's when things can turn destructive. Their energy becomes stifled and can lead to negative outcomes. They start feeling afraid, self-centered, indifferent, envious, or unwilling to share.


People with the number seven are known for their intelligence, introspection, calm demeanor, and private nature. They highly value history, nature, and solitude, often having faith in something greater. Whether it's delving into scientific and technological realms or exploring spiritual topics, they are seekers of deeper universal truths. They're like researchers of truth, here to uncover hidden wisdom and explore the depths of existence.

When they have the opportunity for introspection and contemplation, their energy shines. However, when they're overwhelmed by external demands and distractions, their energy can become stifled, leading to negative outcomes. They may feel disconnected from their inner selves and the truths they seek.

Number eight symbolizes strength, authority, and abundance. Individuals with this number are energetic, respected, confident, reliable, and goal-oriented. They are dependable and inspiring, making them great leaders. Eights are powerful manifestors who support the dreams of others. They're visionaries who often think big, able to inspire others to join them on their journey.

However, sometimes those they lead may struggle to see what they see because their vision is so vast. When given the space to mobilize groups, impart their touch, and actualize their vision and idealism, their energy thrives. But if they're consumed by fear of loss, become overly attached to what they manage, or feel constrained from actualizing their idealism due to fear or intimidation from authority figures, their energy can become stifled, leading to destructive outcomes.

Nines embody unconditional love, a rare trait indeed. With their open minds, creativity, romanticism, empathy, and charm, nines also epitomize humanity, characterized by their kindness, generosity, and idealism. They evaluate others based on their impact on the world around them, possessing both a restrained spirit and a commitment to seeing tasks through for the greater good.

Individuals with a Life Path number of nine find fulfillment when they dedicate themselves to spreading kindness to others, provided with opportunities to extend a helping hand and share their gifts, their energy truly shines. However, if they become consumed by selfishness, prioritizing their own needs above all else, their energy can become stifled, leading to destructive outcomes.

Master Numbers

Now let's dive into the Master Numbers! In numerology, we've got 11, 22, and 33, and they're special because they don't get reduced to a single digit like other numbers. Nope, they stay as they are. These numbers pack a punch because they carry double the power of the number they're reduced to. They're not your everyday numbers, and folks with Master Numbers have quite the journey ahead, dealing with some serious challenges. Some even call them "late bloomers" because they've got a lot to sort out before their true talents can really come to light.

11's often called idealists, you know, folks who have one foot on the ground and the other in the clouds. They're capable of creating beautiful, romantic, and inspiring expansions. But it can also mean that people with this number struggle to accept the realities of life in the world they must navigate, because they're aware of other perspectives. They're like a "bridge" between the realms of archetypal/astral/spiritual nature and the realm of reality, drawing a lot of inspiration and intuition from these realms without always relying on rational thought.

They're often referred to as the "master builder." These folks are amazing at bringing something out of nothing. They've usually reached a high level of spiritual mastery. They become spiritual teachers, professors, or folks deeply immersed in religious studies. Within them, practicality meets wonder. They possess great power, but it only truly comes alive when they inspire others to move forward together and unite their differences.

The Great Sage, also known as the Life Path Master Number 33, embodies the essence of a spiritual guru on a grand scale. These individuals often emerge as spiritual leaders, guiding and teaching others on a massive scale with the potential for global impact. Their influence extends far and wide, as they possess the ability to impart profound wisdom and insights to those who seek guidance.

Beyond teaching, they thrive in fostering creativity and innovation, inspiring others to explore new horizons and reach their highest potentials. Their role as a spiritual mentor is not just about disseminating knowledge but also about nurturing growth and transformation in others, making a lasting impact on the spiritual landscape of humanity.

The Life Path Master Number 44, also known as the Infinite Creator, is a highly rare and extraordinary number, yet within the realm of possibility. It embodies the concept of the universe's boundlessness, signifying that those who carry this number are destined for a life path marked by longevity, miraculous creations, eternal energy, and inspirational leadership. Individuals with this number possess a profound ability to create and innovate, transcending conventional limitations and manifesting extraordinary feats that leave a lasting impact on the world.

Their journey is characterized by an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible, channeling divine inspiration and wisdom to construct monumental achievements that resonate across time and space. As visionary leaders, they inspire others to reach their full potential and contribute to the collective evolution of humanity, leaving behind a legacy of greatness and transformation.

Life Path numbers are like inner maps that can guide you through various challenges and achievements in life. By understanding the significance and meaning behind your number, you can gain deeper insight into yourself and the direction of your life. Though just a piece of the life puzzle, your Life Path number can be a valuable source of inspiration and reflection as you strive to move forward on your life journey.

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