New year's resolution? WHAAAAAAT? Yeah it's still a thing (for me, at least) and people are more conscious about it now more than ever. But then comes the million dollar question: how do we *actually* make our goals into achievements by the end of the year? Stick to the end of this blog (that's the least you can do, really) and let us know if this method helps!

1. List out your resolutions

Now these are just example resolutions to make it easier for our visual-learner friends. You can put literally ANYTHING on the list, and it doesn't have to be in 3's. But I do have to suggest that you don't put anything too heavy that would demotivate you from even starting like. Of course it is always a good idea to dream big. However, people tend to get trapped on the mental cycle of idealizing to change their lives completely. So, start small and light! 

The way I do it is to divide the list into three because there are some activities that I have started on December and would like to keep it as a habit for 2023. The second part of the list consists of things I would like to accomplish by the end of the year, and the last part is the new habits I want to pick up.

Another idea is to divide the year into three parts of: Mind, Body and Soul. The first four months, focus on improving the "Mind" such as learning a new language, or build more vocabulary from watching more English movies, etc. The next four months, focus on the "Body" by doing more exercise or learn a new sport. Lastly, improve your "Soul" by practicing gratefulness, spending more time in the nature, and be more compassionate with yourself and others.

2. Assign goals for each month or two

**I am using the app called Notion here to help visualize the table I made in my notebook.**

After listing down all your 2023 resolutions, decide when do you want to start doing them. This step is a fun because you get to pick which one excites you the most. For example, from the list above I would love to start eating more healthily and start reading a book. So, I put "learn about mindful eating" and "pick 1 book to read" in January. 

3. Plan your weekly to-do-list that could help you achieve the monthly goal 

This is the part where it gets a little bit tricky, you need to think about how to achieve certain goals that you have picked for that month. Take for example learning about mindful eating and picking a new book to read in January. In order for me to reach that goal, I will need to find resources like YouTube videos, podcasts, or articles about mindful eating. Then, I will also have to browse for books based on the genre I prefer. After that, I need to plan a day-out either by myself or with friends to a bookstore.

**^ Just an example**

With concrete steps like these, it's easier to figure out where to start doing rather than just hanging on the idea that you need to get X and Y done by the end of month without any real process. 

Extra tip:

Write down 1 task per day for you to finish. The task should (in a way) help you reach your weekly goal. The reason why I did this myself is because I used to write a long to-do-list every day and I ended up not getting anything done, so having only 1 stuff to focus on the entire day is enough. Plus, who knows what might come up that day :) Stick to one so that there will be enough room for impromptu tasks.


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January 02, 2023

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