Did someone in your family or friends just become parents and you are not really sure what to send them? Well, besides sending your warmest greetings as they began the lifelong journey, here are 5 shiny shimmering splendid jewelry options for their bundle of joy that you can choose from:

1. Calligraphy Baby Anklet

Calligraphy Baby Anklet - LOULOUROSE

The name of your choice will be calligraphed by our collaborator Betty Lorensia. We will send 3 options to your WhatsApp for your to choose from (please allow a maximum of 2 days for this process). Once chosen we will create the most beautiful calligraphy jewelry for you.

From IDR 980,000

2. Lucky Red String

Lucky Red String Bracelet - LOULOUROSE

According to tradition, to apply a meaningful bracelet in the color red, you must draw upon a friend or loved one to apply it for you. Sealing a red bracelet means you are to ward off negative energy, to allow for luck to return in its place. Tradition shows, once on your left wrist, you should not cut or take the scarlet string off. Instead you should wait for it to loosen and fall off on its own accord. Once your red bracelet has fallen you can always start the cycle again to provide an everlasting love for your relationship, a symbol to remind you of all the happy memories you have shared throughout the years.

This Lucky Red Bracelet is suitable for children and adults

IDR 188,000

3. Soundbyte Petite Love Letter Necklace

Soundbyte Petite Love Letter Necklace - LOULOUROSE

When was the last time you sent someone a love letter? Now you can send one that not only lasts forever but can be worn close to the heart too. To date we have sent over 500 love letters! Simply let us know who is the recipient, your message and we'll make sure Mr. Postman is on his way!

From IDR 699,000

4. Memento Necklace

Memento Heart Plaque Pendant - LOULOUROSE

Hold close your special someone with our beautiful fingerprints heart plaque necklace by combining two fingerprints into one. Engrave your message in the back of the plaque for an extra personal touch!

From IDR 449,000

5. Chinese Zodiac String Bracelet

Chinese Zodiac Bracelet - LOULOUROSE

Each charm is engraved in our workshop and strung with a piece of red nylon, to pay tribute to the traditional Chinese amulet for good luck, a tradition reimagined through the eyes of a 6 years old animal lover and illustrator Jeane Halim. 

(Charm is made from 925 Sterling Silver (with Rhodium Plating) and strung with an ultra durable nylon cord. This bracelet is adjustable).

IDR 155,000

January 13, 2023

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