Jewelry Making Kit

IDR 319.000
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Now you can create your very own rings in the comfort of your own home with our Jewelry Toolkit. All the tools and instructions you need are provided inside the toolkit pouch. Once you have finished sculpting your ring design on the wax provided, ship your wax creation back to us, click on this page and we'll have it casted in the material of your choice!
The perfect gift for creative souls
Cast in 100% Recycled Silver or Gold
One-of-a-kind designs guaranteed

What's Inside?

✧ 1 flat file

✧ 1 round file

✧ 1 tea light candle

✧ 1 fabric branded zipper case

✧ 2 practice wax ring blank

✧ 2 final wax ring blanks

✧ Sandpapers of various roughness

✧ Ring sizer (normally worth IDR30,000)

✧ Instructions

What's The Process?

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